what is mean by Semi solid slurry??

Semisolid forming has held much promise for a number of years but to date has not significantly penetrated commercial production of castings. This lack of take-up is mainly driven by the extra cost of adding a processing step to establish a semisolid slurry of the appropriate solid phase morphology and size. However, semisolid processing has found a niche for castings requiring consistent quality with a very low defect structure and it remains an effective method of reducing grain size with or without the addition of grain refiner particles.
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Semi-Solid Slurry Forming of Alloys - Book. Description: ... A new forming approach called semi-solid slurry forming has been applied. This process involves producing semi-solid slurries at a low solid fraction so that they can simply be poured into a shot sleeve.
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A semi solid slurry is a new forming approach and it is produced at a low solid fraction
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