What is meaning of political map of India
And what is difference between Political outline map of india and Outline map of India I am confused i need meaning of outline map of india and political outline map of India I need definations of these terms I am confused i need handwritten explanation in easy words only as i am weak student plz ALSO I NEED MEANING OF POLITICAL AND MEANING OF OUTLINE AS PER ABOVE STATEMENT I AM CONFUSED I NEED HANDWRITTEN EXPLANATION IN A SHEET OF PAPER ONLY PLZ DO NOT ANS IN MERITNATION PLATFORM I NEED IN A PAPER

Dear Student,
 Political map refers to the maps designed to show governmental boundaries of countries, states, and counties, the location of major cities. They also include important water bodies e.g. The Indian Ocean
Outline map: It refers to a map that shows the borders and boundaries of different countries and the division of states within a country. It only provides succinct geographical information.
Physical Map: Refers to the maps that are designed to show the physical and geographical regions of a region in the map.

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