what is meant by antheridiophore and archegoniophore?

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Antheridiophore and Archegoniophore are the structures found in plants like bryophytes.
  • Antheridiophore is the stalk like structure (gametophore) that bears antheridia i.e male sex organs.
  • Archegoniophore is a stalk like structure on which archegonium i,e female sex organs are borne. 

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In bryophytes, the antheridium is borne on antheridiophore, a stalk-like structure that carries the antheridium at its apex. it is a male reproductive part in bryophytes, pteridophytes and gymnosperms as well. Anthredia and anthrediophore are one and the same thing.
While archegoniophore and archegonia is same i.e., female reproducction part. It is non motile and fertillistaion of gametes takes place over here. 
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