What is meant by grating element?

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Diffraction grating element is an optical device made up of glass or polished metal surface having a very large number of fine slits in it. It is used for producing the optical spectra by diffraction.

We are providing the answer by assuming that you are asking about the diffraction grating element used in the Optical fiber communication.

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 The distance between two adjacent slits is known as granting element

Its value is obtained by dividing the length of grating by the by total number of lines ruled on the grating

d=L / N

L=length of the grating, 
N=number of lines ruled on the graring'

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tnks for replying but what is grating here, in terms of physics... i have read this term in the chapter of communication systems.. please give it in context with that chapter....

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tnk u ,, yes i was asking about this only....

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tnk u,,,, u got it rite....

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