What is meant by H2L2 for antibody?

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As it is clear from the figure that the Y-shaped structure of the antibody has two heavy (H2) and two light chains (L2) hence  the structure of the antibody is conventionally known as H2L2.


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Human antibodies or immunoglobulins(Ig) are designated as H2L2 as they have 2 heavy chains and 2 light chains. An antibody is a Y shaped structure.The type of heavy chain denoted as gamma,alpha,mu,delta and epsilon determine the type of antibody as IgG,IgA IgM, IgD, igE respectively.. The two light chains are of two types lambda and kappa .

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 antibody molecule has four peptide chain two small chain called light chain and two longer chain called heavy chain. so it is called H2L2- two heavy chain and two light chain.

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