What is meant by lysosomes carry out the lysis of organelles?

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Lysosomes are special membrane bound organelles present inside the cell that contains approximately 40 hydrolyzing or digestive enzymes whose main function is intracellular digestion. The enzymes helps in clearing off any foreign material or any old cell or cell organelle. The hydrolytic enzymes present inside the lysosomes optimally works at a lower pH that is they are active at the acidic pH .Whenever a cell and its organelles gets old and is about to die, these enzymes burst out and digest the cell .For this reason , lysosomes are  also called suicide bags.


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Lysis  refers to the breaking down of the membrane of a cell, often by viral, enzymic, or osmotic  mechanisms that compromise its integrity. A fluid containing the contents of lysed cells is called a lysate. In molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology laboratories, cell cultures may be subjected to lysis in the process of purifying their components, as in protein purification, DNA extraction, RNA extraction, or in purifying organelles.


Many species of bacteria are subject to lysis by the enzyme lysozyme, found in animal saliva, egg white, and other secretions. Phage lytic enzymes (lysins) produced during bacteriophage infection are responsible for the ability of these viruses to lyse bacterial cells. Penicillin and related β-lactam antibiotics cause the death of bacteria through enzyme-mediated lysis that occurs after the drug causes the bacterium to form a defective cell wall. If cell wall is completely lost, the bacterium is referred as a protoplast if penicillin was used on gram-positive bacteria, and spheroplast when used on gram-negative bacteria.

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