What is meant by nomenclatuer?

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  • System of giving two names to an organism is called Binomial nomenclature. It is recognised all over the world.
  • Carl Linnaeus gave a scientific naming system in which an organism is given two names.
  • The first part is the generic name and the second part is the (specific) species name.


Conventions that are followed:

  • It is conventional to write the first letter of the generic name with a capital and the first letter of the specific name with a small letter. Example:  Felis domestica – common cat.
  • Scientific names must be underlined separately when written by hand.
  • In printed matter these names are printed in Italic and underlined when handwritten.



  • Scientific names are followed and understood all over the world.
  • Names are not changed according to country or language.
  • Names are not changed often.


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Sorry , the spelling is wrong spelling is nomenclature.
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