What is meant by sprouting of storage organs?


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A storage organ is any part of the plant, in which excess of energy (generally in the form of starch, sugars, lipids or protein), nutrients or water are stored in order to be used for future growth. Like roots, fruits & seeds known as storage organs in plants. Sprouting is the process of germination of seed when provided  favourable conditions like proper moisture, light( if necessary) etc.


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A storage organ is a part of a plant specifically modified for storage of energy (generally in the form of carbohydrates) or water.Storage organs often grow underground, where they are better protected from attack by herbivores. Plants that have an underground storage organ are called geophytes in the Raunkiar plant life-form classification system.Storage organs often, but not always, act as perennating organs which enable plants to survive adverse conditions (such as cold, excessive heat, lack of light or drought).
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