what is meant by subsidiary alliance?which states were annexed under this system?

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Answer to your question is as follows :

Marquess Wellesley introduced the practice of Subsidiary Alliance in the year 1798. The British  signed the alliance with the native Indian states . It was a policy to keep the dominant states under the servitude of the British. The main principles of this alliance are as follows: 

  • A British contingent would be posted in the native stae and the Indian ruler had to make payments for their maintenance.
  • A British reident would also be posted.
  • The strategic decisions of the Indian ruler would require the approval of the Resident.
  • Only British and no other Europeans could be employed by the Indian ruler.
  • The British would be responsible for teh protection of the state from all internal and external dangers.
  • If the Indian ruler failed to make the payments, a part of  the terrirtorry would be snatched by the British.

 The states annexed by this system are as follows:

1798 - Hyderabad first signed

1799 - Mysore

1799 - Tanjore 

1801 - Awadh

1802 - Peshwa 

1803 - Scindia

1803 - Gaekwad


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Subsidiary alliance means that a state's administration would be run by both ruler and Eat India Company.

The Nizams, ruler of Mysore, Nawab of Awadh, the Rajputs and the Marathas were annexed by this system. 

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