What is meant by test Tube babies ? Explain...

Test tube babies are fertilised in test tubes.

Its known as IVF (in vitro fertilisation)

in this process doctors collect an egg (ovum) from mother and sperms (spermatozoon) from father

then they keep it in test tubrs for few hours to fertilise.

then they are implanted into back into the uterus. where baby grows till 9 months.

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 test tubebabies are fertilised

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                In certain women oviducts are blocked. Such women cannot bear babies because sperms are not able to reach the egg for fertilisation. For such parents, the medical science has developed a technique called in vitro fertilisation or IVF  (fertilisation outside the body)

               In this method, a freshly released egg and sperms are collected and kept together for a few hours. If fertilisation of the egg by the sperm is successful, the zygote is allowed to develop for about a week. The developed zygote is then placed in the mother's uterus. The further development of zygote and the embryo takes place in the uterus of the mother. The baby is born at the appropriate time like other babies.

                 The babies born through the IVF are called test tube babies, (although the term is misleading).


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First thing is test tube baby doesnt mean that babies are born in test tubes therefore the another name of this process is In Vitro Fertilisation [IVF] .In certain women they have problem in their oviduts.The oviducts are bloked .Due to the blockage in oviduct a women can't bear a child because the sperm that enters the female body they are not able to do fertilisation with the ovum [female gamete].Therefore for providing a women a child  the medical science had used these process . In these process a freshly  female egg is taken in the testtube and sperms are taken from male. If they are successful they place the zygote in the uterus of the female { mother}. the further development  of the baby is in the uterus of the female .the baby is born like all oter babies.

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(for understanding) the external fertilisation in human body and that fertilized egg is called test-tube baby or babies

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