what is message conveyed by the poet through rain on the roof poem

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Very subtly, the poet conveys a message through this poem that rainfall should not be taken as just a common place phenomenon of nature. The occurrence is a wonder of nature and a boon to the Earth and mankind. It deserves to be admired and appreciated as something divine. However, to sense its divinity one needs to have refined sensibilities. One should thus recognise its significance and understand how important it is for Earth.
The poet through the poem also reveals how nature makes rain an instrument to enhance its beauty and to decorate it. The rain, in other words, rejuvenates Earth and fills joy in every being.
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The poem rain on the roof it conveys that it is the nature and mother earths precious gift To us. It just makes the pitter patter sound on the roof but it makes us rememberize the recollection of fond memories to us
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The poem Rain on the Roof conveys the message that rain is Mother Nature's way of showing her healing and therapeutic properties. It leaves everlasting memories in the minds of humans with its presence, fragrance and sound apart from the experiences of humans with it.
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