What is Mrs. Pearson problem? What advice does Mrs. Fitzgerald gave her?

Mrs. Pearson is the embodiment of all housewives, who works hard for her family throughout the the day,without any respect or acknowledgement for her efforts.She loves her children and husband,but they are insensitive and selfish.She is not treated like a mother or a wife,but as "dirt".She shares her grievous situation with Mrs.Fitzergald.
.Mrs.P​earson confesses that she would be unable to teach her family a lesson. Mrs.Fitzgerald empathizes with her,and concludes that the family should be taught a lesson.She suggests her to "change p​laces" with each other, that is, exchange their p​ersonalities. In this way Mrs.Fitzgerald would take Mrs. Pearson's place and their goal would be achieved.

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mrs pearson's problem is that her family members never respect and care for her. they always neglect her . mrs fitzgerald advices her to exchange the personality with her as she knew some magic and is enough to teach them lesson.

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