What is mutually exclusive features and mutually inclusive features?


Mutually inclusive events mean that the two events occur by the same process. For example, in case of unicellular organisms, the process of growth and reproduction are the same where cell division occurs, number of cells increases, and this is also called reproduction. So growth and reproduction are synonymous in unicellular organisms.

Mutually exclusive events mean that the two events do not occur by the same process. We can understand it using the example of growth and reproduction in multicellular organisms. In multicellular organisms, growth is a different process from reproduction. Growth has nothing to do with reproduction in most of the multicellular organisms. Growth occurs by an increase in size and mass of the organism by mitotic division and differentiation of cell leads to the formation of cells that perform specialised function. But reproduction is the process of formation of new progeny which is similar to their parent in most of multicellular organisms.

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