What is need of a constitution?give 4 points

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Here is the answer:

Need of Constitution are:

a. Constitution serves as the document that specifies the rules and regulations according to which the country functions.  It establishes a system based on the rule of law, which identifies that government will function as per set norms, rules and not according to whims and fancies of a ruler. The constitution provides basic  
minimum rules of governance and coordination amongst the members of the society. 
 b. The Constitution specifies the political system of the country, underlines the political structure of a country.  For instance, the Indian constitution declares India to be a democratic Republic. It also specifies and divides the power between the three organs of the government , it also explains the role of Parliament  as a law making body. 
c. Most importantly, the document empowers the people by giving them a set of political rights and guaranteeing liberty liberty , equality and justice in the society. In this way the constitution lays down the limits of the government . For example the chapter on the fundamental rights . 
 The Constitution also prevent tyranny of the majority by recognising the rights of the minorities. 
d. A constitution besides being a legal document is also socio - economic in nature as it identifies the aims and aspirations of the society guiding our political leadership.  We may give example of directive principles of state policy are basically the instruction / directives to be kept in mind while framing policies so as to bring about a just society.
e. The constitution also gives fundamental identity to the people, it serves as the basis for both political identity by specifying norms, procedures, rights and moral identity by reflecting aims and aspirations of the society. 


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Dear Student,

A Constitution is necessary because of the following reasons:-

1) It is an important law of the land.

2) It determines the relationship of the citizens with the governments.

3) It lays down principles and guidelines which are required for people belonging to different ethnic and religious groups to live in harmony.

4) constitution is also regarded as the fundamental law of a country.

Priya Agrawal.
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A?constitution?is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a?state?or other organization is governed.[1]These rules together make up, i.e. constitute, what the entity is. When these principles are written down into a single or set of legal documents, those documents may be said to comprise a written constitution.

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