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  The Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha elections are held in India every 5 years.

 The Lok Sabha election is called the General Election.
 There are certain elections that are conducted in a particular constituency owing to the 
death/ resignation of a member. These are called by-elections.
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 election system includes many things which are as follows:-

1.preapring the electoral roll.

2.nomination of the candidates from the different polotical parties.

3.assigining the election symbol.

4.announcement of the election dates.

5.withdrawl of the nominess if they wish.

6election campaign.

7.polling and counting of votes.

8. decleration of election results

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General election                                                                                                                                                                             

  1. Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha(assembly) elections are held in every five years.
  2. After five years the terms of all the elected representatives comes to an end.
  3. The Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha stands 'dissolved'.
  4. Elections are held in all contituencies at the same time, either on the same day or within a few days.

By Election 

  • Election is held only for one constituency to fill the vacancy caused by death or resignation of a member.

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