What is partial pressure how does it help in gaseous exchange during respiration

What is partial pressure how does it help in gaseous exchange during respiration ype (I) : Very Short Answer Type Questions : Write the name of main respiratory organ in human beings. Name two animals which carry on annaerobic respiration. Name the cavities which are separated by palate. Give the name of the partition between thorax and abdomen. ype (II) : Short Answer Type Questions : How does haemoglobin help in the transport Of oxygen from to tissues? 5. What is the vital capacity of lungs ? What is the role of carbonic anhydrase in humans ? Where is it present Type (Ill) : Long Answer Type Questions: Write the role of diaphragm in the breathing process. What is partial pressure ? How does it help in gaseous exhanges during respiration ? What is chloride shift ? Write its significance during respiration. o. tot Mark Each) [02 Marks Each) (03 Mark Each) Explain the terms: tidal volume. vital capcity and residual volume in relationship to respiration. ype (IV) : Very Long Answer Type Questions: tos Mark Each) 2. How does the exchange of gases occur in respiration between blood and alveolar air. Discuss the transport of gases (02 and C02) in the blood. 4. Describe how the contraction and relaxation of some skeletal muscles produce respiratory movements. 5. Write in detail about various respiratory disorders. o on V9Pro VIVO duål

Dear Student,
Partial pressure is the pressure contributed by an individual gas in a mixture of gases. It is represented as pO2 for oxygen and pCO2 for carbon dioxide.

Please refer the attached image which shows the partial pressures (in mm Hg) of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide at different parts involved in diffusion in comparison to those in the atmosphere.

Now, we can infer from the table that a concentration gradient for oxygen from alveoli to blood and blood to tissues exists. Similarly, a gradient is present for CO2 in the opposite direction (from tissues to blood and blood to alveoli). This concentration gradient facilitates transportation of gases through the diffusion membrane during respiration.Regards.

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