What is pattern formation ?

What is pattern formation ? or gases (ethylene. Plant are substances. plant hormotrs PGRs can be broadly divided into two groups based on their functions in a living plant body. one group growth promoting activities. such as cell division. cell pattern . flowering. fruiting and formation These are also called plant growth promoters _ e.g. auxins. and cytokinins. pc,Rs of the other group play an role plant responses to Wounds and stresses of biotic abiotic tn-igin. They are also involved in Various grOwth inhibiting activities such as dormancy and abscission. The PC.R abscisic acid belongs to this group. PGR_ ethylene. could fit either of the groups. but it Is largely an of growth activities. 15.4•.2 The Discovery of Plant Growth Regulators Interestingly. the discovery or each 01 the five major groups of PGRs have been accidental. All this started with the observation of Charles and his Francis Darwin when they that the coleoptiles Of canary grass responded to unilateral illumination by *rowing towards the light sourceß fmotropisrnJ. After a series of experiments. It Vas that the tip Of coleoptile was ute transmittable influence that caosed 1 S. 10 trnding of the entire colecvtile (Figure tip m. Auxin isolated by F. W. Went lips of coleoptiles of oat

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Every living being, their cells, tissues, and organs grow and arrange in a particular pattern. The term pattern formation is used for that.


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