what is 'placement agencies and mgmt consultants', ' campus recruitment' and ' employment exchange ' from external sources of recruitment?

 1-Placement Agencies & management consultants:  These agencies provide nation wide services for matching demand and supply of workforce. These agencies invites the bio data and records from various job seekers & send them to suitable clients. These agencies charged some fees for providing such services. Mostly private companies run these agencies.

2-Campus Recuritment: Sometimes the senior managers of the organisations visit to various professional institutions, colleges, to get fresh graduates or people with technological know-how. This type of recruitment  are more common for engineers,   MBAs.


3-Employment Exchange: Govt. employment exchange act as a middle men between the job seekers & the organisations who have vacant job position. The job seekers leave their bio data and qualifications with the employment  exchanges and when the organisation approach employment exchange then suitable candidates are sent.

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