What is plasmolysis? Give its one example.

Plasmolysis is the process where a cell's contents shrink away from the cell wall when placed in a hypertonic solution. An example is if red blood cells are placed in a strong salt solution. Plasmolysis would occur.

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shrinkage of plant cell when placed in hypertonic solution is known as plasmolysis.

it occurs in every plant cell

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the shrinkage or loss of water in the plant cell is called plasmolysis

when raisins are put in concwentrated solution there is plasmolysis

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Shrinking of the cytoplasm of a living cell due to loss of water by osmosis is called plasmolysis. If we put some dry raisins in the salt solution the raisins will shrink due to the process of plasmolysis
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the shrinking away of cell membrane from a cell wall due to loss of water through osmosis when the cell is placed in a hypertonic solution is called plasmolysis.An example-if red blood cells are placed in a strong salt solution.plasmolysis would occur. 
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