what is pollen grain germination

In this process, when anther develops, the cells of the sporogenous tissue undergo meiotic division to form microspore tetrads.
As each cell of the sporogenous tissue is capable of giving rise to a microspore tetrad. Each one is a potential pollen. The process of formation of microspore from a pollen mother cell through the meiosis is called microsporogenesis.
   The microspores, as they are formed, are arranged in a cluster of four cells- the microspore tetrad. As the anthers are mature and dehydrate, the microspores dissociate from each other and developed into pollen grains. The cytoplasm of pollen grain is surrounded by a plasma membrane. When the pollen grain is mature it contains two cells, the vegetative cell and generative cell. The pollen grain germinates on the stigma to produce a pollen tube through one of the germ pores.

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