What is polynomial ? please illustrate by one example showing division of non negative inters exponent division which does not form polynomials for clearing the concept

polynomial is an expression constructed from variables (also called indeterminates) and constants (usually numbers, but not always), using only the operations ofadditionsubtractionmultiplication, and non-negative integer exponents (which are equivalent to several multiplications by the same value). However, the division by a constant is allowed, because the multiplicative inverse of a non-zero constant is also a constant. For example, x2 − x/4 + 7 is a polynomial, but x2 − 4/x + 7x3/2 is an algebraic expression that is not a polynomial, because its second term involves a division by the variable x (the term 4/x), and also because its third term contains an exponent that is not a non-negative integer (3/2).

A polynomial is an expression which has two or more terms .

For example x² + 3x + 6

It has three terms hence it is a polynomial

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a term having 2 or more terms

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