what is possessive adjective

 possesive adjective are slightly different than possesive pronouns.

They are generally my, your, his, her, it etc. but the difference is that it always occures before a noun and states the possession of the pronoun on that noun.

For eg. That's my folder. (My is an adjective which shows that I am the owner of the folder.)

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 an adjective is a word describes a noun  [eg.is ,she ,wise ,active, peacful etc

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Possessive determiners constitute a sub-class of determiners which modify a noun by attributing possessive (or other sense of belonging) to someone or something. They are also known as possessive adjectives.

Examples in English include possessive forms of the personal pronouns, namely my, your, his, her, its, our and their, but excluding the forms such as mine and ours that are used as possessive pronouns and not as determiners. Possessive determiners may also be taken to include possessive forms made from nouns , from other pronouns and from noun phrases, such as John's, the girl's, somebody's, the king of Spain's, when used to modify a following noun.

In many languages, possessive determiners are subject to agreement with the noun they modify, as in the French mon, ma, mes, respectively the masculine singular, feminine singular and plural forms corresponding to the English my.

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