what is presbyopia

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Presbyopia is the loss of the eye's ability to change focus to see near objects. The ability of the eye lens to adjust its focal length according to the object distance is called power of accommodation. Presbyopia is associated with aging. The ciliary muscles gradually lose their elasticity and this makes it difficult for old people to focus on nearby objects.

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in  old  age  due  to  weakening of cilliary  musceles..n  loosening  of  the  flexiblty  of  the  eye.....if  a  person  is  not  able  to  view  near-by  objects  clearly  then  hes  said  to  hv  this  defect  PRESBYOPIA..

in  this  defect  near point  of  a  person  extends  ie..it  is  more  than  25cm.  the  image  in  this  defect  is  formed  behind  the  retina..  for  correction  the  person  needs  to  hv  CONVEX  LENS  which  again  puts  the  image  on  the  retina..n  the  person  hs  no  more  problems  of  vision....

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Presbyopia is a condition where the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects with age. loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens, although changes in the lens's curvature from continual growth and loss of power of the ciliary muscles (the muscles that bend and straighten the lens) have also been postulated as its cause. Like gray hair and wrinkles, presbyopia is a symptom caused by the natural course of aging. The first signs of presbyopia--eyestrain, difficulty seeing in dim light, problems focusing on small objects and/or fine print--are usually first noticed between the ages of 40-50

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the  1st  eye  is  defected  eye..n  in  the  2nd  pic  wid  the  good use  of  convex  lens...the  defect  is  covered..  :)))

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The power of accomadation of the eye usually decreases with ageing . For most people ,the

near point gradually recedes away .They find it difficult to see nearby objects comfortably

and distinctly without corrective eye-glasses .This defect is called Presbyopia . It

arises due to the gradual weakening of of the ciliary muscles and the diminishing

flexibility of the eye lens. the bio focal lenses consists of both concave and convex lenses . The

upper portion consists of concave lens . It facilitates distant vision vision .The lower part consists of

convex lens that facilitates near vision ....


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