What is pronoun and how many types to pronoun and explain all types of pronoun???

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Pronouns are those words that are used instead of noun or noun phrase. For example - I, we, he, she etc. 

There are various types of pronouns namely:

  • Demonstrative Pronouns that are used to demonstrate or indicate. This, that, these, those are known as demonstrative pronouns.

  • Indefinite Pronouns are those which point out non-specific items. These are the largest group of pronouns. All, some, anybody, nobody etc are examples of indefinite pronouns.

  • Interrogative Pronouns which are used in questions and are used to replace nouns. Examples are who, which, what, where and how.

  • Possessive Pronouns are used to express possession. They are also used as adjectives. For instance, my, your, his, her, its, our and their.

  • Relative Pronouns are used to add more information to a sentence. Examples are which, when, who (whom, whose) and where.

  • Absolute possessive pronouns also show possession. However, unlike possessive pronouns, they are not dependant on nouns and stand by themselves. Instances of the same are mine, yours, his, hers, ours and theirs.

  • Reciprocal Pronouns are used for actions or feelings that are reciprocated. The two most common reciprocal pronouns are one another and each other.

  • Reflexive Pronouns refer to another noun or pronoun in a sentence. They end with -self or -selves. Examples of the same are: myself, yourself, himself, ourselves, etc.


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