What is quantisation of charge?

Quantization of charge states that the magnitude of charge on a body must be an integral multiple of the magnitude of charge of an electron.

The magnitude of the minimum charge a body can have is 1.6 × 10-19 C. Charge of any other magnitude will always be an integral (1, 2, 3, 4, …..) multiple of the charge on the electron.

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charge is quantised  means as we if we go to a shop we say i want a packet of  biscuit  or a packet of  milk we cant say give me a biscuit o give me a milk as they r quantised quantities they come in packs means they r quntised .similarly charge is quantised nd come in packets

each quntised quantity have some basic  unit  in which it is quntised like if  we wanna buy milk the least quantity tht we can buy is 1 ml nd  milk more then tht can be sold in it only like 500mls etc like tht chrge is also quantised nd it is given or seen in quantity nd its least unit is e-  tht is a charge of electron nd charge more then tht can be expressed in terms of it like 2e-   charge , etc

nd this qunatised nature of  charge having e-  as its basic unit is called as quantisation of charge.

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yeah I agree wid priyanka .......... charge is quantised means any charge that exists on earth can be expressed as an integral multiple of the basic unit of charge ( charge of 1 electron , which is the least value of charge & we can't have a charge smaller than it ) . we can't have a charge as 2.5 e- or 4/3 e- .

Charge comes in quanta or packets

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 we say number as 1,2,3........ if we ever consider, each of this no. consists a basic unit  1. others number are quantised. similarly a charge consists oa basic unit e 

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 good explination. add me as ur i have lot s of questios.

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What does it mean that at macroscopic level that quantisation of charge can be ignored? why?

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quntisation of charge meana every charge is conserved and it is multiple number of charge.

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