what is sexual reproduction ?explain with video of human sexual reproduction.

Sexual reproduction is that form of reproduction that occurs by fusion of male gamete (sperm) and female gamete (egg). 

The eggs produced in the ovary of the female start maturing on reaching puberty. One egg from each ovary grows and matures and released into the fallopian tube through a process called ovulation. The egg is then carried to the uterus by oviduct or the fallopian tube. Sperms from the male reproductive system enter the body of the female through the vagina and one  sperm fuses with the egg in the fallopian tube resulting in the formation of zygote.

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In sexual reproduction, two individuals having different variations combine their DNA to give rise to a new individual. Therefore, sexual reproduction allows more variations, whereas in asexual reproduction, chance variations can only occur when the copying of DNA is not accurate. Additionally, asexual reproduction allows very less variations because if there are more variations, then the resultant DNA will not be able to survive inside the inherited cellular apparatus. However, in sexual reproduction, more variations are allowed and the resultant DNA is also able to survive, thus making the variations viable.

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