what is square law device? what is the function of this?

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A square law device is something where either current or voltage depends on the square of the other quantity.!

For e.g: for a saturated MOSFET current(I) is directly prooportional to square of voltage(V2).

A diode characteristics also has a square but its not as clean.It's exponential and through a taylor series we get a linear, square ir cubic terms...

but anyway its useful bcoz it can b used as a modulator or mixer.

adding voltage is easy but multiplying them is hard..with a square law device like MOSFET it could b done easily.!

I proportional to(P.T) V2

I P.T (sin(wct) + m(t))2

I P.T (sin(wct)) + m(t)2 + m(t)sin(wct).

Now if we follow it with just bandpass filter on wc we get simply m(t)sin(wct).

Amplitude modulation.

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Hi Anup!
A square law device is one that produces an output voltage or current that is proportional to the square of its input voltage or current. Square law devices are mainly used in modulators and detectors. Example: The detector diode used in communication systems, FETs used in balanced modulator etc.

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