what is temperatures

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Dear student,
 According to the question you have asked for the temperature values of last seven days. I think this is an observatory question and required a data.As you have not mentioned the specified date so i am providing you with the temperature of last 7 days.
Date Max/Min       Avg. HI / LO
Wed  35°/23°       33°/26°
Thu  35°/25°       33°/26°
Fri  36°/28°       33°/26°
Sat  36°/28°       33°/26°
Sun  33°/28°       33°/26°
Mon  29°/27°       33°/26°
Tue  33°/26°       33°/26°
Wed  34°/26°       33°/26°
Thu  36°/27°       33°/26°


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