what is the advantage of spore formation?....

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Advantage of spore formation are:

Spore can survive under unfavorable conditions as they are covered by a hard protective coat.

Spores can grow to produce new plants and does not require sexual interaction with another organism.

Due to their small size and light weight, they can be dispersed easily.


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  • spores have a thick covering and can cope up with unfavourable environmental conditions.
  • spores light in weight help plant species to spread far and wide.
  • large number of spores are produced by one sporecase. it increases the number of that species.
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Spore formation is the process of reproduction via asexual reproductive bodies known as spores. Each spore can survive for a long time since it is covered by a hard protective coat to withstand unfavorable conditions such as high temperature and low humidity. A spore germinates under favorable conditions and develops into a new individual. 


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 I would add one point that it requires only one parent

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  1. Male and female partners are not required.
  2. Spores can survive in unfavourable conditions and wait for better ones to come.
  3. Spores are light so can disperse easily.
  4. spores are present in large No. so many plants can be grown.
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