What is the advantages and disadvantages of community devices.

Dear student, 
   The main device which we are using in the modern era is the Memory card or SD cards. 
  • Cost-effective:
  • Vast range of users provide huge diversity in their experiences
  • Allows for testing with all kinds of different parameters, such as with different connection speeds, browsers, and devices to which the core testing team may not have access
  • Larger group is more likely to get benefited.
  • Lack of bias towards the company can be expected of testers
  • Monetary value of both of the above= more thorough testing for an equal price range in a shorter amount of time sans contract and overhead. 
  • Confidentiality is compromised by having testing performed by a large group 
  • Communication between testers can be difficult due to time or language barriers
  • Test coverage can be more difficult to guarantee a
  • This, combined with the exploratory nature of crowdsourcing, means that it can be difficult to ensure that the entire product has been tested thoroughly enough to ensure usability

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