What is the ans?? I think the option c is right... Am i right? If not what is the right answer and why???
Q. 4(3) Nicola was not pleased when Jacopo asked the narrator to drive them to Poleta as he
(a) did not want a stranger to become involved with their plans
(b) preferred going to Poleta by train so that he could enjoy the scenery
(c) did not want to ask anyone for favours
(d) did not want to take help from someone he did not know well

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.

Yes, the answer is (c). The boys were independent and it didn't seem right to Nicola to ask help from anyone. Jacopa, being smaller and immature, asked the favour in his innocence.

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Option : C is right
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I also think that option C is correct.
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Option A.
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Option C
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