What is the answer to this question? Give reasons for not choosing other options.
Which of following statements justifies the use of Boyles law? 
A. Gases are compressible. 
B. Gases expand on heating. 
C. Pressure of a gas is independent of its temperature. 
D. For a given mass of a gas, pressure and volume remain the same. 
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Dear Student,
According to Boyle's law, pressure exerted by a gas is inversely proportional to its volume at constant temperature and pressure. 

A. will justify the application of Boyle's law. This is because if we increase the pressure applied on gas, its volume decreases i.e. the gas will get compressed. 
B,C,D will not justify application of Boyle's law as here they are talking about T and n which are kept constant in Boyle's law.

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