what is the central idea of the poem fire and ice

fire and ice by robert frost?

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Dear friend,

I feel that this poem has a great message.
It tells us of where our world is going when it comes to social relations. I feel that Frost is highlighting that either there's going to be a really big harsh open hate among people or jealousy that will end thew world when he talks about fire.
When talking about ice, he probably means something like cold war, or humans having cold hearts, not mixing with others of their society and unaware of kith and kin.
He is probably not talking about actual physical end of the world, but the end of good in here with the end of our social relations.

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'Fire and Ice' presents the debate about the possible ways in which the world can come to an end- either by excessive heat or unbearable cold. The poet extends the debate to speak for human emotions. Like fire, lust and greed can destroy the world. On the other hand, like ice, hate can freeze all life on Earth into extinction......
Hope you got it.
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The central of idea is fire and ice are two concept about the world will end
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in this poem robert frost writes that he doe not know how will the world come to an end. this answer is not related to either cpld war or that kind of  stuff .it is related to the topic that will the greed and cruelty in the people lead to the end of the world or the  hatred, intolerance will loead to end. greed and cruelty refer to fire and hatred and intolerance refer to ice.
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The poem fire and ice has a deep meaning and it. Fire and ice are two powerful elements of the earth. In this poem poet talks about the end of the world by two elements, first by the fire it will end with eruptions of volcanoes, meteos and asteroid but by the ice it will end due to hatred, jealousy, ego and discrimination between the people living in the world they will end the world theirselves.

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In the poem fire and ice poet want to say that if the world has to perish twice then ice is sufficient otherwise if the worldhas to end simply then fire is sufficient.
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The central idea of the poem revolves around the extreme but opposite and juxtaposition emotions of human. The poet states that their imbalance may cause the massive destruction. The result is the indicative of the collision of the two forces. (Fire of desire and ice of hatred)
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Maybe this one can help you

This is a symbolic poem wherein
1. Fire - a symbol for desire, greed, list, avarice
2. Ice - a symbol for hate, hatred, insensitivity

The poet mentions that both fire and ice can bring probable end of this world. The poet talks about how fire represents desire and can therefore be a cause of the end of the world. He also mentions that ice can be the second cause of the end of the world. Too much desire or fire can consume any relationship while hate can be equally destructive.
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Please find this answer

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The poet says that they can do construction as well as destruction
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The poet has tried to bring the difference between the fire and the ice, which represent two different kinds of people. According to the poet, the world can perish by fire and also by ice. Thus it can perish twice- one by fire and then by ice. The poet feels that the ice of hatred is as powerful as the fire of desire to bring a complete end to this world.
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In the post fire and ice frost discussed about two possible causes for end of the world. They are fire and ice. Fire is being compared with endless desire which ice is compared with hatred. Both the things spreading among humans are equally capable to destroy the world. So we should reduce our desires and love our fellow human beings.
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The central idea around which the entire poem revolves is that?only love, equality, mutual understanding and sympathy for one and all can help in establishing peace on the Earth. The poet mentions that both fire and ice are probable ends of this world.
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