What is the central idea of the poem The Duck and The Kangaroo?

the poem is basically humorous.But it has valuable
​messages  too.Desireto see new places is a natural way to better oneself.seeking other 'help promotes cooperative living.Foreseeing the problems and providing solutions is a 
​good lesson
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It can also depict flattery where the duck flatters the kangaroo about his looks because the duck wanted to se the whole world which he could not do on his own living in the pond .
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Dear student, The central idea of the poem is that we should be content with our life and never try to be jealous of what others have. The duck is discontent with his life and thinks that the kangaroo's life is more exciting and adventurous.

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Hi nandini..
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The central idea of the poem is to be content with our own life and not be jealous by other's life. In the poem, the is discontent with her life and is jealous from kangaroo's life as she feels that it is exciting and adventurous.
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