what is the commercial use of microorganisms??

Commercial use of microbes are

used in making vaccinations

used in making of alchohol

use to increasing the fertility of the soil


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yeast is used in eatables like cakes buns etc it is also used in making alcohol through fermentation.

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Shivaprakash microbes used in eatables like cakes is not a commercial use of microbes

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some microbes are used in tablets,vaccination and antibiotics.this is the commercial use of micoorganisms

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  • Antibiotic should be taken under supervision  of a well qualified doctor.
  • Course of antibitics should be completed as per prescription given by doctor.
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 Soory this answer is of ur previous question shubham

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its okk

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 comercial uses of microorganisms are for

making bread, making alcoholic beverages, making antibiotics, making vaccines, making food supplements, making vinegar, coffee and tobacco, and making toothpaste.

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commercial use of micro-organisms is:

production of alcohol, wine and acetic acid (vingear), making food supplement.

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for making alcohol.
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The commercial use of micro organism is for vaccine and for curd .
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Please find this answer

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Yeast is used for production of alcohol, wine acetic acid (vinegar) on large scale from natural sugars present in grams like barly wheat, rice, crushed fruit juices etc.
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