what is the complete export procedure and what  are the documents issued and people responsible for issuing such documents   at every step 

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The steps in export procedure are:

1) Firstly exporter receives enquiry from importer about price, quality etc of goods.
2) Exporter receives order(indent) from importer. 
3) Exporter assess credit worthiness of importer by way of letter of credit from importer's bank.
4) The exporter obtains export licence and received EIC.
5) Exporter arrange finance for shipment and packaging of goods.
 6) Exporter starts production of goods.
7) Exporter contact Export Inspection Agency for pre shipment inspection.
8) Exporter secure excise clearance from regional excise commissioner.
9) Exporter obtains certificate of origin.
10) Then he make packaging and labelling of goods with relevant information.
11) Exporter gets insurance of goods against sea perils, etc
12) Exporter then obtains custom clearance from custom house.
13) Exporter then receive mate receipt, containing details of vessel and shipment date.
14) After putting goods on board exporter receives a bill of lading as token of acceptance.
15) Then exporter prepares invoice containing details of goods sent and amount to be paid by importer.
16) Exporter secures payment by submitting a set of documents to banker who in turn hand over the same to importer on receipt of bill of exchange.


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kindly refer to ncert book...all the steps with detailed information is there.
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