What is the complete process of microsporogenesis amd megasporogenesis with diagram?

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Anther contains four microsporangia and each microsporangia has sporogenous tissue in the middle. Cells of sporogenous tissue performs meiotic division to form four microspore tetrad cell. Cells of sporogenous tissue are microspore mother cell.  This process of formation of pollen from microspore mother cell is called microsporogenesis. After attaining maturity microspore tetrad dehydrates and separate from each other forming pollen grain. 

​Megaspore formation from megaspore mother cell is called megasporogenesis. Megaspore mother cell at the micropylar region of nucellus has a large nucleus. Meiotic division in the megaspore mother cell forms four megaspore. One of the megaspore is active out of the four megaspore  in angiosperm. Megaspore which is functional forms female gametophyte or megagametophyte.

Diagram to explain the process of microsporogenesis and megasporogenesis.


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you could try referring to bio ncert textbook pg. 22 and 25...
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