What is the criticat difference between Imperative and Exclamatory sentences ?Can imperative sentences be sometimes Exclamatory ? Illustrate giving suitable examples

Hey Paritosh!

An imperative sentence carries a command or questions somebody. It is authoritative in nature.
For example; Go and sit there. Do not move. Show me what you are hiding.
In these sentences, the speaker is speaking with authority.
An exclamatory sentence carries strong emotional expression, positive or negative, and ends with an exclamation mark ‘!’.
For example; Oh my god! Look at that! She is dead!
In these sentences the speaker is expressing her/his excitement and disappointment.
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thanku, but the query is still there.Becoz imperative sentence also express a request. How will u see whether the sentence is exclamatory or imperative without exlamation sign

Ex. Don,t make a noise.

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