What is the diff. btw. reductive amination and transamination?

Transamination (amino transfer) refers to the transfer of an amine group from one molecule to another.or between different amino acids.Her one is amino acid containing an amine (NH2) group. Other will be ketoacid containing the  keto (=O) group. In transamination, the NH2 group on one molecule is exchanged with the =O group on the other molecule. The amino acid then  becomes a keto acid, and the keto acid becomes an amino acid.

Reductive amination is a means of converting an aldehyde or a ketone into an amine. In this reaction there will be  nucleophilic addition of ammonia or an amine to the carbonyl group of an aldehyde or a ketone. It is a process  by which ammonia is condensed with aldehydes or ketones and imines will be formed which will be subsequently reduced to  amines.

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