what is the differance between subordinate and coordinating conjunctions

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Conjunctions are divided into two classes- Subordinating and Co-ordinating. Here is an explanation on both for your better understanding:

Notice the following sentence:

  • I read the novel because it captivated me.

    In the above sentence, we notice that there are two statements or clauses one of which 'because it captivated me' is dependant on the other.

    Subordinating Conjunctions are those conjunctions which introduce the dependant or subordinate clause. It joins a clause to another on which it depends for its full meaning.

Notice the following sentence:

  • Birds fly and fishes swim.

    In the given sentence, there are two independent statements or two statements of equal rank or importance. Thus, the conjunction joining these two statements or clauses of equal rank is called a coordinating conjunction. It can be defined as a conjunction which joins together clauses of equal rank.

I hope the given explanation would make the concept clear to you.


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