what is the difference b/w lok sabha and rajya sabha?give three differences plsss.....guys pls its very very urgent....tomorroe I have my SST exam.....pls....

There are a lot of differences between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Some of them are/;

i) Lok Sabha is the lower chamber of the Parliament whereas Rajya Sabha is the upper chamber. However, you should not be mistaken as it does not mean that the powers of Lok Sabha are inferior as compared to the other house. In fact, it is just the opposite.

ii) Lok sabha can have a maximum of 552 members. At present, there are 545 members out of which 2 are nominated by the President from the Anglo-Indian community. On the other hand, Rajya Sabha have 250 members out of which 12 members have been nominated by the President from amongst the persons having special knowledge in art, science, literature etc.

iii) The members of the Lok Sabha are elected on the basis of Universal Adult Franchise whereas the members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by the Legislative assembly of each state through proportional representation.

iv)Lok Sabha has the power to introduce the budget of the country whereas no such power resides in the hands of Rajya Sabha. Lok Sabha is called the controller of the purse of the nation. Rajya sabha can only discuss it when passed by the Lok Sabha.

v) Lok Sabha exercises effective control on the ministers through various motion such as no confidence motion, censure motion, question hour, adjournment motion etc. On the other hand, Rajya Sabha cannot pass any such motion. It exercises control on them by means of questions, debates and discussions.

vi) Lok Sabha is dissolved after every five years or earlier by the president. On the other hand, Rajya Sabha is a permanent body which is not subject to dissolution. One-third of its members retire after every second year.

vii) A person should be at least 25 years of age to be eligible for Lok Sabha whereas our constitution requires a person to be at least 30 years of age to be a member of Rajya Sabha.

viii) Money bills can only be introduced in Lok Sabha. After that, it is passed to the Rajya Sabha for consideration. Rajya Sabha must pass the bill within fourteen days with or without any changes. It is up to the Lok Sabha to accept or reject the changes.



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Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha are two houses of Indian parliament.The difference between these two houses are in it,s election of members and duration the terms.


Lok Sabha

1.The members of Lok Sabha are elected by the common people using their right to vote.

2.They are the people directly interacting the with the common mass.

3..They have to contest election

4.The term of an Lok Sabha member is 5 years

5.They have veto power in the country

6.Lok Sabha have distorted sessions

7.Total members of Lok Sabha are 552,Twenty of them are from union territories two from Anglo Indian community

Lok Sabha members from each parties



3.Third Front-79

4.Fourth Front-27



Rajya Sabha

1.The members of Rajya Sabha are elected by the members of Lok Sabha and president

2.They are not directly interacting with the common people

3.In actual practice these members got to contest election, the voters are the members of Lok Sabha, but there is no election in India but each parties select their Rajya Sabha according to the number of their Lok Sabha members and

4.Total members of Rajaya Sabha are 250, Twelve of them are selected by the president of India

5.Rajya Sabha got continues session

6.Rajya Sabha shares legislative power with Lok Sabha but exception is in supply

7.Most importantly our PM and Defense minister are members of Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha Members from parties



3.Third Front-31




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Difference between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

- Lok Sabha is the house of the people, members directly elected by the people, while Rajya Sabha is the federal chamber, a house elected by the elected members of Assemblies of the States and two Union Territories.
- Lok Sabha can have a maximum of 552 members whereas the Rajya Sabha can have 250 members.
- The minimum age to be an elected member of Lok Sabha is 25 whereas it is 35 for Rajya Sabha.
- Rajya Sabha or the Council of States is the second chamber with a restricted franchise. It has no say in the financial matters such as the budget of the country.
- Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to Lok Sabha, they can pass confidence motion, show power in the question hour, pass adjournment motion but Rajya Sabha cannot make or unmake the Government.
- However, a Constitution amendment Bill has to be passed by both Houses by a specific majority.
- Also Rajya Sabha has special powers on the matters under state list. In general terms, the matters under the union list and state list are mutually exclusive, but Rajya Sabha can pass a resolution by two-thirds majority empowering the Lok Sabha to make law on a matter enumerated in the State List, in the national interest.
- The Speaker preside the sittings of the Lok Sabha, while the Vice-President of India ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha presides over Rajya Sabha sittings

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