what is the difference between a biological nitrogen fixation and atmospheric nitrogen fixation?

they both are the same. swathi.

Inwhich class do u study?

what is cermicomposting?

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sorry it is not cermicomposting.

it is vermicomposting?

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anu,thanks 4 the answer.how r they same?can u explain it with it's defination!

it is a heterogenous mixture of decomposingvegetable or food waste,bedding materialsand pure vermicast producedduringthe course of normalvermiculture operations.

i am in 8th standard.u r in which standard?

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hey frm wich scul r u ?? n wich std.??

i w

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i wil tell u the answer according to the standard.

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anu ur answer is wrong

biological nitrogen fixation means through creatures like blue green algae and rhizobhium.

atmospheric nitrogen fixation means fixation through thunders.

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i am in 8th.

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I am in IXTH

Vaishnavi..as per 9th std...

In case of atmospheric nitrogen cycle.......

Blue Green Algae and thr Rhizobium bacteria act a lot towards this cycle...!! nd Thus Biological nitrogen fixation also means the same....

Ya I agree to this that in case of atmospheric N fixations...a lot of factors also are responsible like Lightening , the place and its climate..!!!



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they are the same
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