what is the difference between a pharse and a clause

1.Clauses is a group of words but Phrases is a group of words

2.Clauses have both a subject and a predicate but Phrases do not have a subject or predicate.

3.Clauses can be dependent but but Phrases can not be dependent.

Examples for Clauses 

The girl is nice

She went very fast

We wash the car.

Examples for Pharses

Excellent idea

Great job

Wonderful idea

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pharse - means a sentence giving incomplete meaning . in case of pharse there is no subject and perdicate -

eg He is a man of great ability . ( here the sentence is not giving a complete meaning -and it has no subject and predicate )

clause - is a complete sentence . a sentence consist of 2 parts subject and predicate .

eg He is a man 'who has great abilities ' . (here subject and perdicate is giving a complete sentence . which is meaningful.

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