what is the difference between a transformant and recombinant ?


A cell that has been altered genetically by the uptake of foreign DNA is known as transformant. A transformant may be a virus, bacteria, fungi, yeast, plants etc. The process of this alteration is called transformation. It can occur naturally in bacterial cells but can also be artificially done. By this process new useful genetic materials can be introduced in other non bacterial cells like higher plant and animal cells.


An organism, a cell or a DNA with different combination of alleles obtained from either of the parents is termed as recombinant. The DNA which is recombined is called recombinant DNA. Recombinant DNA can be produced artificially by applying genetic engineering. Recombination of DNA occurs in meiotic cell division when homologous chromosomes get paired or by breaking and joining of DNA.

A recombinant DNA can be inserted into a cell by the process of transformation.

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