What is the difference between a zoo and a wildlife sanctuary?



Wildlife sanctuaries

Small areas

Large protected areas

Created artificial environment

Natural habitat of wild life

Animals are kept for the purpose of public enjoyment, education and conserving endangered animals at small scale.Mainly serve the purpose of conserving wild life away from human disturbance and activities.


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Both the Zoo and an animal sanctuary give protective asylum to animals and birds. However, the zoo keeps animals in captivity, within artificially created habitat, whereas the sanctuary provides home to animals in their natural habitat without captivity.

Additional Info: That is correct, but a Zoo is a park made to put the animals on display for the public, that is it's purpose. It is an institution designed to exhibit living animals to the public in a park setting. While a Wild Life Sanctuary is a protected area reserved for animals to live a natural, undomesticated life without threat or intrusion by humans through hunting, trapping, etc. or otherwise disturbing their habitat, and protected lands. That guards the animals normal "wild" life.

A zoo is designed around the concept of housing, tending, and controlling wild animals safely using enclosures, including the large areas used as ranges, sometimes many acres for some species, while still maintaining the visitors ability to interact with all the different species at the zoo. Some zoos are charity organizations, and do not have to compete out right for consumers spending money, but many zoos are strictly profit driven business. The profit driven zoos are designed to cater more to what they feel customers want or desire for a day out. Many zoos focus on providing the general environment that animals would live in naturally, allowing them to behave as though under normal circumstances, but they must also incorporate the customer's general needs, and provide viewing, teaching, and some direct interaction with most, if not all species in residence. A wildlife sanctuary isn't concerned with the need to support itself. Usually a sanctuary is run by a non-profit organization, single individuals or some type of governmental group. The main priority is the safety of the animals, concerns for human comforts, and desires aren't taken into account. Most wildlife sanctuaries are focused on providing protection for animals, and the land that is important to the well being and growth of a specific species population. They will try to protect the ecosystem to a degree, monitoring the species, using whatever method possible including, long range observation, while giving the species a protected area to live without human disturbance. Some of these sanctuaries, or protected areas have been used for the release of rehabilitated animals, or as the first stage release of animals in breeding programs. This can give animals the advantage of close monitoring during it's first days of adjustment to living in the wild. Both zoos and wildlife sanctuaries don't allow hunting, trapping, fishing, or harming animals in anyway. For more details, please see the sites listed below.

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Zoo has only common animals & covers very small areas but a wildlife sanctuary has only that species which can survive in that condition where the wildlife sanctuary exsist & it covers a large area than a zoo.

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Both the Zoo and an animal sanctuary give protective asylum to animals and birds. However, the zoo keeps animals in captivity, within artificially created habitat, whereas the sanctuary provides home to animals in their natural habitat without captivity.


Zoo vs sanctuary:

Zoo and sanctuary are two words which are not so strange to individuals who admire animals and nature. These are two places which are visited by animal lovers in order to observe these creatures with their own eyes. However, zoos and sanctuaries are very different from one another with regards to many aspects. Thereby, this article seeks to determine those various differences which set these two places apart from one another.


About zoo

A zoo is a man created environment which is built with the aim of providing education and various information regarding wildlife to people. It is created with a commercial aim where wild animals that have been captured from the forests are exhibited in cages. Zoos are often created with the commercial aim of aiding the tourism industry of the country as well as for entertainment purposes where the resident animals are trained to perform certain tricks to entertain the visitors.



About sanctuary
Sanctuaries are natural habitats for animals and birds where they roam about freely. Sanctuaries are often woods or forests where killing or harming its animals is completely prohibited. Most often these sanctuaries have restricted access to human beings where they are required to obtain special permission to visit these places so as not to disturb these animals. Sanctuaries are thus chosen often with the aim of protecting animals or endangered species by thus allowing them to breed and live freely, without being harmed by human beings.




What is the difference between sanctuary and zoo?

A sanctuary and a zoo are both places where one can observe animals and yet, a zoo is a man made environment whereas a sanctuary is a natural habitat for animals which is most often a forest or the woods. In a zoo, the animals are restricted to cages where they are displayed to visitors whereas in a sanctuary, the animals are free to roam about, carrying on with their natural lives. Therefore in a sanctuary, one gets to observe the behavior of animals in their own natural habitat whereas in a zoo, not much of their natural behavior can be observed as it is an animal in captivity that is displayed within the cages of a zoo.

A zoo is built for commercial purposes where the animals are displayed to visitors at a price. Zoos are also built with the aim of improving the tourism industry of a country where more and more tourists will be attracted to the place thereby earning the country foreign currency in profusion. Sanctuaries on the other hand are thus chosen with a whole different reason. Sanctuaries are thus named with the aim of protecting the animals and as a means of providing the animals with the freedom to breed and live as they please. Another factor which differentiates a zoo from a sanctuary is that while in a zoo there are specially trained professionals to look after the animals, breed them and provide them with medical assistance, no such persons exist in sanctuaries. In sanctuaries, animals are left to tend for themselves and they breed by themselves too naturally, without any interference by human beings.

A zoo usually allows public timing and visiting hours for visitors who are allowed to roam about freely and leisurely about the place for as long as they like. A sanctuary on the other hand has restricted access to the public and in some places, certain sanctuaries are prohibited for the public altogether. This is so that the wild animals can live their lives freely without any hindrances from human beings.

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