What is the difference between aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration?

a. Takes place in the presence of oxygen as in most of the higher plants and animals.a. Takes place in the absence of oxygen and is observed in microbes.
b Glucose sugar is completely oxidized to form CO2 and H2Ob. Glucose is incompletely oxidized to form ethyl alcohol and CO2
c. Pyruvic acid is completely oxidized to form water and carbon dioxide during krebs cyclec. Pyruvic acid is reduced to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide as in yeast or directly reduced to lactate as in Lactic acid bacteria.
d. More amount of energy is produced.d Less amount of energy is produced.

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aerobic respiration

  • uses oxygen
  • doesnot produce lactic acid
  • products formed are CO2,H2O,ATP
  • reactants are glucose,oxygen
  • takes place in mitochondria,cytoplasm

anaerobic respiration

  • without oxygen
  • produces lactic acid
  • reactants are glucose
  • takes place in cytoplasm

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