what is the difference between ASA and AAS congreunce critaria? and AAS is not mentioned in study material but given in chapter test. Q6

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In ΔABC and ΔXYZ, 

∠ B = ∠ Z 

BC = XZ  (Included side between the two angles)

 ∠ C = ∠ X

So,by ASA congruence rule, ΔABC ΔXYZ


In ΔPQR and ΔXYZ, 

∠ Q = ∠ Z 

 ∠ R = ∠ X

PQ = YZ  (Non-included side between the two angles)

So,by AAS congruence rule, ΔPQR ΔXYZ

AAS congruence criterion is not included in the grade VII syllabus, so AAS congruence criterion is not discussed in the study material. AAS congruence criterion is discussed and explained in our study matrial for higher grade.


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 AAS is ASA only. The difference is only in the order of arrangement of A (angle), S (side) and A (angle). It has same meaning. 

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ASA is Angle Side Angle which has two angles and an included side of one triangle  and which is respectively equal to the other two angles and one included side of the other triangle......

AAS is nothing....... 

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