what is the difference between atleast and atmost in probability?

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Atleast means minimum number, while atmost means maximum number.
For example:
If number of events are atleast 3 and atmost 8, then minimum number of events are 3 i.e. It could be greater than or equal to 3 but not less than 3. and maximum number of events are 8 i.e., It could be less than or equal to 8 but not greater than 8.

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i also have a doubt on that..
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Dear Friend,

Atleast is an idiom made from least, which means not less than or in any event.

e.g.- To pass in your biology examination, you have to score atleast 30% marks.

Atmost is an adverb which means not more than.

e.g.- You spend atmost 200 Rs. from your pocket money in one day else you will not be left with any money at the end of the month.

Both of these words could be considered as antonyms.

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at least means - minimum
at most means -maximum

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atleast : minimum
aimost : maximum..
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atleast 2 means 2 and more than 2
atmost 2 means 2 and less than 2
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