what is the difference between autumn wood and spring wood????

This concept is actually based on the activity of cambium rings....

(1) In the spring season the cambium rings are frequently formed that is they are active. They form a large no. of xylem elements......and hence the wood formed during this season is called SPRING WOOD.

(2) Similarly, in winter this cambium activity is not that much active......and the wood formed during this time is called AUTUMN WOOD

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 Spring wood:

1) also called early wood

2) lumen is large

3) Lignin deposition is thinner


4) cambium activity is more

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 Whereas in Autumn wood

1) Also called late wood

2) Lumen is Narrower

3) Lignin deposition is thicker

4)Cambium activity is less

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 pata ni :(

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Early wood or Spring wood

1. Formed during spring season.

2. Formed early in a year.

3. Consists of xylem tissues with wider vessels.

Late wood or Autumn wood

1. Formed during winter season.

2. Formed after the early wood.

3. Consists of xylem elements with narrow vessels.

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Spring wood is formed during spring and summer,while Autumn wood is formed during autumn and winter.Spring wood is lighter in colour while autumn wood is darker in colour.Spring wood is known as early wood,because it is formed early in the growing season.Autumn wood is known as late wood,because it is formed late in the growing season.
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Difference between Spring wood and Autumn wood. ... The cambium becomes more active during this season and forms plenty of xylem vessels with wider cavities known as spring wood. It is also known as early wood. In winter, however, the cambial activity slows down and gives rise to narrower xylem elements.
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