what is the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN budding and fission ? what is the difference between fission and fragmentation? ( i dont want the definition only difference) Plz ans asap! :)



New organism is formed attached to the parent organism as a bud.

New organism is formed by splitting of one cell into two.

Cytoplasm is divided unevenly.

Cytoplasm is divided evenly.

Budding can be done artificially.

Fission cannot be performed artificially.




Fission occurs in unicellular organism.

Fragmentation occurs in simple multicellular organism.

It is simple mitotic division.

It is breaking off of a part of an organism.

It is found in organisms of Kingdom Protista and Monera.

It is found in some helminthes.


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Fission Budding
It is a type of asexual reproduction in which organism divide to produce two equal daughter cells (binary fission) or many daughter cells (multiple fission).It is a type of asexual reproduction in which a bud  develops on parent body due to rapid cell division, this new bud detached from parent body when it gets fully mature and develops separately into new individual..
It is observed in amoeba, bacteria etc. It is observed in Hydra, Yeast etc..



binary fission

.In it a small growth appears and then develop into a new organism by detaching from it.

.In it the organism’s nucleus divide into two parts and form two different organisms

It is a form of vegetative propagation

.It is a type of fission

It can be done artificially

It can be only done naturally

It is extensively used in horticulture and agriculture

It has no such commercial value

Ex-rose, yeast etc

Ex- amoeba,leishmenia

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Differences between budding and fission, Biology

Both budding and fission are identical in at least one way in that the young ones produced by these procedures are the result of direct splitting off from the body of the parent. But the two are as well clearly different in many respects. These differences are listed in the Table described below.

Table: Differences between budding and fission.

2471_Differences between Budding and Fission.png

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